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Eccentric classical music recording label established by Canadian composer Rufus Lin


Forest of the Piano

YoonYoung Choi

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YoonYoung Choi
“Forest of the Piano”

YoonYoung Choi is a Korean concert pianist and Rufus Lin Productions recording artist. Her debut album “Forest of the Piano” was released in December, 2021. Thousands of people have listened to her piano, both in concert halls, and on various live streaming platforms, including Clubhouse, Kakao mm, Spoon and Salon de Hreum. Most of them would agree that the experience is like magic. Not only is the playing technically virtuosic, it is also highly expressive, and ranges from tender to exciting. This album may be downloaded or streamed. Or click the button below to purchase the CD, including a full-color booklet. If you no longer use CDs, please download the album to show support for YoonYoung, because streaming generates very little revenue for the artist.


Distinctly Odd Records is an eccentric classical music recording label established by Canadian composer Rufus Lin

The aim is to record and distribute fresh interpretations of a wide range of classical music by Japanese and Korean musicians still relatively unknown in the English speaking world.The artists are professional musicians who generally perform and record in their own countries, so recordings under the Distinctly Odd label are both an excellent way for English speakers to get to know these fine musicians, as well as for the artists to begin making their mark internationally.